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The NLRB Unanimously Shuts Down Attempt to Unionize Northwestern’s Scholarship Football Players

Posted in College Athletics, National Labor Relations Board, NCAA, Student-Athletes, Unionization
In a long-awaited decision issued on August 17, 2015, the five-member National Labor Relations Board (“Board”) unanimously shut down an attempt by Northwestern University’s scholarship football players to become the first group of college athletes to form a labor union.  This Board holding vacates the direction of election issued by an NLRB Regional Director in March… Continue Reading

Is the NLRB’s Brown University Decision on Its Last Leg?

Posted in National Labor Relations Board, Unionization
The National Labor Relations Board’s treatment of college and university students as “employees” covered by the National Labor Relations Act has been the subject of a tortured history. In the Fall of 2000, in a case involving NYU, the NLRB held that graduate assistants could be employees under the Act and therefore subject to the… Continue Reading

NLRB Grants Request for Review of Northwestern University Decision

Posted in National Labor Relations Board, Unionization
In a not surprising development, the National Labor Relations Board announced today that it has granted Northwestern University’s Request for Review of the Regional Director’s decision directing an election among the University’s grant-in-aid scholarship football players, citing the existence of “substantial issues warranting review.”  The NLRB will later issue a briefing schedule, which will invite amicus… Continue Reading

The National Labor Relations Board and Higher Education: More change on the Horizon?

Posted in Faculty, Unionization
After what seemed like a small lull in NLRB activity impacting Higher Education, the National Labor Relations Board has once again signaled potentially significant alterations to the legal landscape. Just last week, the NLRB issued an “invitation” to file briefs in a case involving Pacific Lutheran University.  This specific case involves the interplay between organizing… Continue Reading