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Video Interview: Discussing the DMCA Takedown Notice Issued to Vine by Prince

Posted in Copyright, DMCA
As I wrote on recently, video sharing app Vine—owned by Twitter—was issued a DMCA takedown notice by representatives of recording artist Prince. I had the opportunity to speak with Colin O’Keefe of LXBN regarding the story. In the interview, I explain what happened and offer thoughts on why we must balance copyright holders’ rights with incentivizing… Continue Reading

Popular Mobile App Vine Receives Takedown Notice from Prince’s Record Label

Posted in Copyright, DMCA, Internet
Late last month, Twitter received a DMCA takedown demand from NPG Records, Inc., Prince’s record label, to remove a six-second video hosted on Twitter’s popular new Vine application. Vine is a mobile application (currently available only on iOS systems) that allows users to create and share videos that are a maximum of six seconds long. … Continue Reading

A Social Media Model Based on the Safe Harbor Provisions of the DMCA

Posted in Copyright, DMCA
Pinterest is a relatively new social photo sharing website, and is currently one of the hottest spots on the Internet.  The site generates massive amounts of referral traffic, rivaling popular content sharing sites such as Twitter and YouTube.  There are roughly 11 million registered Pinterest users (a number that is growing extremely rapidly) with as… Continue Reading

Sharing By College Students: The UNC Approach

Posted in Copyright, DMCA, Patent
Article: At the Chronicle Of Higher Education website, Alex Campbell reports that UNC has put in place measures to prevent and minimize unauthorized file sharing by students. Specifically, computers that have file sharing software will not be allowed to connect to the campus network unless and until that student/computer is awarded a “hall pass.” This… Continue Reading

YouTube and False Copyright Infringement Claims

Posted in Copyright, DMCA
Today, most universities and colleges have their own YouTube channel where they host videos about the institution, faculty, and students.  These videos often let prospective students interact with the institution in ways not previously possible.  While the copyright status of university-created and –uploaded videos is usually obvious, recent events have shown that any YouTube channel… Continue Reading