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Copyright Office Issues Report on Extending Federal Protection to Pre-1972 Sound Recordings

Posted in Copyright, Digitization
I’ve written before about common law copyright protection of sound recordings made before February 15, 1972.  Although the Sound Recording Amendments to the 1909 Copyright Act extended federal copyright law to sound recordings, it only did so to sound recordings made on or after February 15, 1972.  Per the amendments, federal copyright law does not… Continue Reading

New Case On Online Data Collections

Posted in Attribution, Digitization, Internet
Case:  CollegeSource, Inc. v. AcademyOne, Inc., 09-56528  (9th Cir., Aug. 8, 2011) What allegedly happened:  A Ninth Circuit panel decided that a plaintiff company that allegedly had its online collection of college catalogs copied by the defendant company could sue in its home state of California.  Plaintiff alleged that it spent $10 million dollars collecting the… Continue Reading