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Monthly Archives: November 2011

Copyright Suit Against University By Author Of 25 Page Survey

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Case: CAMPINHA-BACOTE v. BLEIDT (S.D.Tex. 10-3-2011) What allegedly happened: A he-said / she-said case. A university professor (who has since resigned) claimed that he was authorized to use a 25 page survey, owned by the plaintiff in this case, on classes of incoming students for a certain period of time. On the other hand, plaintiff claimed that … Continue Reading

Does New Legislation Aimed at Reducing Online Intellectual Property Infringement Go Too Far?

Posted in Copyright, Internet, Trademarks
Two related bills aimed at curbing rampant copyright and trademark infringement on the Internet are currently pending before the House and Senate.  While the bills have been endorsed by the RIAA and MPAA and have strong bipartisan support in Congress, they have come under fire by mainstream media and civil liberties groups who believe the … Continue Reading

Lady Gaga Not Entitled to ladygaga.org Domain

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Musician and pop culture icon Stefani Germanotta – better known to her fans as “Lady Gaga” – has actively protected her ‘distinctive’ brand since entering the national scene.  For example, she has required that photojournalists at her concerts assign all copyrights in their photographs to her, and recently filed a trademark infringement lawsuit against a … Continue Reading

“The Scholarly Industry”

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Upblog, my co-blogger Blaine linked a Daily Princetonian article that reported concern over some harm to “the scholarly industry.” That phrase struck me, “the scholarly industry.” What does it describe and evoke in a reader’s mind? Is it a phrase that resonates positively, or negatively? It probably depends on the reader. “The Scholarly Industry” does … Continue Reading