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Monthly Archives: October 2011

Princeton University Joins the Open Access Movement

Posted in Copyright
The Open Access Movement is the name given to the trend among academics to retain copyrights in their scholarly work rather than assign them to a journal or other publishing entity.  One of the primary driving forces behind the movement is the desire to freely share information without pay-walls or other barriers. Princeton University recently … Continue Reading

Universities Announce New “Lab to Market” Initiatives

Posted in Technology Transfer
Earlier this year,135 university leaders across the country joined together in a pledge (pdf) to undertake greater efforts in commercializing university technology and to “ensure that the knowledge and technological breakthroughs developed through campus-based research was rapidly and broadly disseminated to advance the nation’s social and economic interests.” On September 16th of this year – … Continue Reading

Carnegie Mellon patents not invalid on summary judgment

Posted in Patent, Technology Transfer
Case:  CARNEGIE MELLON UNIVERSITY v. MARVELL TECHNOLOGY GROUP (W.D.Pa. 9-28-2011) What happened: Carnegie Mellon University tech transfer office circulated an invention disclosure relating to disc drives. The tech transfer office was informed that a different inventor from Seagate had previous worked on a similar technology, but the Seagate inventor stated that, “[The Carnegie Mellon professors’] … Continue Reading

University-related trademark law case

Posted in Trademarks
Case: Board Of Regents Of The University Of Wisconsin System v. Phoenix International Software, Inc. (7th Cir., Aug. 5, 2011) What happened: This case presents complex questions about the law of trademark and the law of sovereign immunity, as the latter applies to a state university. . . . Their dispute centers around two computer … Continue Reading