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YouTube and False Copyright Infringement Claims

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Today, most universities and colleges have their own YouTube channel where they host videos about the institution, faculty, and students.  These videos often let prospective students interact with the institution in ways not previously possible.  While the copyright status of university-created and –uploaded videos is usually obvious, recent events have shown that any YouTube channel … Continue Reading

University V. University

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On July 29, 2011, a Federal Circuit panel decided Association For Molecular Pathology v. Myriad Genetics (Fed. Cir. 2011). This is an important case for patent law, as it relates to genetics. The short version is that: (i) isolated DNA is eligible for patent protection; (ii) claims directed to working with the isolated DNA, in … Continue Reading

Give A Man A Fish . . .

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At Inside Higher Ed, Paula M. Krebs writes: The institution to which I was attached, the five-campus University of Massachusetts system, understands its role in its state and region in terms inherited from the Morrill Act of 1862, which established the land-grant colleges and their obligation to train state residents in new techniques of agriculture. … Continue Reading

New Case On Online Data Collections

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Case:  CollegeSource, Inc. v. AcademyOne, Inc., 09-56528  (9th Cir., Aug. 8, 2011) What allegedly happened:  A Ninth Circuit panel decided that a plaintiff company that allegedly had its online collection of college catalogs copied by the defendant company could sue in its home state of California.  Plaintiff alleged that it spent $10 million dollars collecting the … Continue Reading